Integrating Rural Small-holders to the Global Supply Chain

From a widowed mother who takes care of 5 children in a small village located beneath a sacred mountain of East Timor to a hard-working yet poor father in a remote town in Togo, millions of people in the world still cannot hold their destiny in their hands. We believe that with appropriate approaches and commitments, they can change the trajectory of their life.


Here at BMP, we strive to work together with farmers to improve the quality of their products and connect them to the market. We aim to develop and sell the products that will always be loved by every individual, not necessarily because they are fairly traded but also because of their unforgettable good tastes.

We, then, reinvest the profits generated to provide comprehensive solutions to eradicate poverty from the world.

6 Countries, 7,000 Farmers, 300,000 Euro

Since August 2017, BMP has been working with local social business partners in 6 countries and integrated approximately 7,000 coffee and cacao growers to the global supply chain. The trade value we have facilitated has reached 300,000 Euro as of June 2019.

East Timor
DR Congo